Worried about caring for your pets during challenging times? Here’s some tips to help survive the cost of living crisis!

Since the cost of living crisis hit I’ve been looking at ways to save money on good quality pet food, treats and care for my 2 cats and dog. 

Here are some of the useful things I’ve discovered, that have allowed me to budget smartly. 

  • Sign up to newsletters for favourite pet brands. They will often do flash sales. Lily’s Kitchen & Pet Munchies being 2 good examples
  • Buy online and in bulk. Don’t look at the total cost, look at cost per kg (listed in smaller font below the price)
  • Tins of wet food are often a lot cheaper than the cute sized pouches from the same brand. And yes, we have tried and tested it, dogs are happy to eat the same flavour a couple of days in a row!
  • Do subscribe and save on Amazon for regular discounts
  • Try out other websites such as Zooplus who do an annual membership discount offer, and are very competitively priced
  • For the standard flea & worming and annual vaccinations, check your monthly pet plan payments against buying on the go. It works out cheaper to buy as you need, just be sure to stay organised and order them from your vet
  • Register with more than one vet, and shop around on quotes for major procedures and surgeries. For example I got one quote for BOAS surgery for my French bulldog that was £6,000, and one that was £2,500. And the funny thing is that the better quote is a 10 minute drive from home, and the sky high one was a 3 hour round trip
  • If you have pet insurance, assess it now and shop around if you see a better deal
  • If you don’t have pet insurance don’t panic. None of my pets are insured as I just don’t like dealing with pet insurance companies (personal preference!) and they don’t cover pre existing conditions, which is often what a pure bred needs treatment for. Instead I make sure to put away some money every month in case of a rainy day
  • Get creative with toys! My cats are a lot happier with a cardboard box and a long ribbon to chase around, than they are with anything shop bought. And always remember – the animals in your life will always love you, even if you don’t buy them the latest harnesses, cute coats and expensive toys

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