We’re here for your best friend
when you can’t be

How can you live life to the full without fretting that your four-legged friend isn’t getting the care and attention they deserve?

Dog Training

Dog Smarts is here to help you with our private dog training and behaviour consultations. Run by the founder of HH, Chrissie is a Victoria Stillwell Academy Certified Dog Trainer with 6 years of working with and caring for a wide variety of dogs.

We believe that effective communication with your dog is key to setting you both up for success. Our mission is:

  • to empower you and your dog with the knowledge, confidence and skills to enjoy a happy and balanced life together
  • to help strengthen the human-animal bond
  • to provide real world solutions to unwanted behaviours
  • to treat your dog as an individual

Our dog training services include:

  • TRAINING WALKS – let us take your dog out, and do the training for you
  • ONLINE CONSULTATIONS – using live and in person video conferencing
  • ONE TO ONE CONSULTATIONS – in person training sessions, working with you and your dog
  • PUPPY PACKAGES – help your new arrival get the best start in life

Behaviours we can work on together include:

  • Reliable recall, loose lead walking, polite greetings, foundational life skills, settling

Please head to dogsmarts.co.uk for further information

Dog Smarts Training

Adventure Walks

Exciting adventures with best friends

Over the years we’ve discovered that many of the dogs we look after love to head out with a playmate or two. So on our Adventure Walks your dog will usually be accompanied by a couple of chums they really get along with.

This is great for them because dogs love the company of other hounds. Just look at these pictures and you’ll see how much they are enjoying themselves! It also means you can be confident your pooch is making friends, is well socialised and comfortable around others. Plus your dog-walking budget goes a bit further too.

We pick up and drop off on foot. Adventure walks can be set for 1, 1.5 or a 2-hour duration. They suit owners who can be slightly flexible on pick up schedules – you can choose morning or afternoon but the exact time may vary from day to day.

Puppy Care

Puppies are adorable but they require a huge amount of hard work to get them properly trained.  You’ll probably welcome them home aged eight weeks old and the next month is crucial – what they learn now will stay with them for life.  However, once the initial excitement has passed most owners’ head back to work and the puppy can swiftly develop some undesirable traits, especially when they hit adolescence!

Helping sweet puppies turn into popular pooches

We spend time working with your puppy on a programme of behaviours that are beneficial to them and you. This generally includes:

  • House and toilet training
  • Calmly meeting other people and dogs, walking on lead, getting them used to their harness, visiting shops and travelling on the bus or tube, recall training and learning some basic commands
  • We’ll start with short walks, gradually increasing the duration and distance.  They’ll have the chance to rest their little legs and we’ll carry them if they are tired
  • Your puppy will get one-to-one attention while we’re with them.  Our team member will be solely focused on your puppy but they may look for opportunities to meet up with another team member or puppy if appropriate
  • We provide tailored puppy care up until they start to display adolescent behaviour (which can be as early as five months – it varies between dogs).
  • As soon as your puppy starts destructive behaviour such as humping, biting too hard, or generally being a bit of a pain it’s time to get them out with other dogs so they learn how to improve their manners

One-to-one Walks

Just the two of us

We recognise that every dog is different, with its own unique physical characteristics, personality traits and behaviours.  

We’ve also found that some dogs really do need exercising on their own and require the full-time attention of a single walker.  This allows us to closely observe them over time, then take a well informed and considered approach to helping them make changes.

Our team are patient, experienced, caring and focused, providing regular feedback on progress and discussing next steps. 

We offer one-to-one walks for dogs that are:

  • Aggressive, nervous, anxious or who present behavioural challenges
  • Shy and need to work on their confidence
  • Need their recall improving
  • Overweight and need gradual help to get back in shape
  • Very energetic and need a lot of exercise, focus and discipline
  • Need to be on lead or work towards being off lead
  • Exceptionally strong and require the full focus of one walker
  • Recovering from an operation or serious illness and need a walk that perfectly matches their individual needs
  • Older and wants to take things gently then enjoy some time at home for a cuddle, food and human company

Dog Sitting

For a better dog life balance

Our ad hoc pet sitting service allows you to live life to the full without worry, guilt or the feeling that you must hurry home.

Meeting friends in the evening or popping away for the weekend is no problem – we’ll give your dog all the care it needs, keep it company and, based on what we know about it already, arrange fun activities we’re sure it’ll like.  

You’ll enjoy yourself all the more knowing that your pooch is having a good time too.

Dog Walking Map

















Helping your hound get well soon after illness or an operation

Dogs are extra demanding when they get sick or injure themselves, but you may struggle to find the time to be there for them.  No problem – at Hampstead Hounds we have lots of experience in this department

  • We can take your dog to the vet if it’s not convenient for you to do so yourself
  • We have spent a lot of time caring for dogs that are recovering from an operation or a major illness
  • Giving your dog post-operative or regular medication is all part of our service.
  • Every member of our team is first aid trained
  • We have close connections with an animal physiotherapist
  • We can provide tailored walks to help get your dog safely get back into an exercise schedule

Vet appointments and medical emergencies

Dogs don’t get sick, or injure themselves, at times to suit you.  But the good news is we’re here to help.

We can take your dog to the vet for pre-booked appointments if you have to be at work or elsewhere.  

If it’s something unexpected but urgent we’ll do our best to help you out – just give us a call and we’ll see what we can do.

Doing good for abandoned dogs

When we’re not looking after your dog or dogs we’re doing our bit to help the All Dogs Matter team rescue, rehabilitate and rehome abandoned dogs from the neighbourhood.

  • We attend All Dogs Matter events throughout the year and sit on judging panels alongside other supporters such as Ricky Gervais, Michelle Collins and Peter Egan
  • We participate in various All Dogs Matter fundraising events throughout the year, partnering up with other local businesses and venues


Spreading the love and the nutrition

We purchase Beautiful Joe’s ethical dog treats for four legged friends to enjoy on their walks. For every pack we buy an additional one is donated to a local rescue centre for the abandoned pooches to enjoy.

If you’d like to know more about these nutritious treats and the great work the charity does then go to www.beautifuljoes.com

Opening Times

Monday – Saturday 9am – 4pm

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