Pet Care Reviews

thank you so much

Knowing our fur babies were in safe and excellent hands with HH made it easier for us to be away from them in our unexpected time of grief.

And thank you so much for the beautiful flowers on our arrival home.

Mike & Teresa, St Johns Wood

massively helpful to us

It gave us a big lift after a tough start for the baby twins in the ICU to see the animals looking so well and happy at home. Thank you for everything Hampstead Housesitters has done, it has been massively helpful to us during a chaotic and traumatic time for the family.

We are exceptionally grateful for everything extra and last minute you and the Hampstead Housesitters team have done for us all.


 Alicia & Colin, Hampstead

Kuri has never stayed in a kennel

Christiana and her team has been looking after our 13 year-old dog Kuri on a regular basis. My husband and I travel frequently and needed a reliable sitter whom we can trust, gets along with Kuri, and flexible around our needs. Kuri has never stayed in a kennel so we also needed some one who can come to our house and stay with her.

Another reason why we wanted some one to stay at the house was due to Kuri’s medical condition at the time. She was developing occasional back problem so needed to seek the vet if & when something happened. Christiana’s team are familiar with handling dogs with specific needs.

We hate to leave our baby dog behind for travel but Christiana’s team bring ease by providing updates and photos. We can tell a lot from just looking at Kuri in the photo… whom looks comfortable, happy, and healthy.

We recommend Christiana’s team to any dog owner who wants the best for their doggie while they’re away.


 Yuka & Tetsu, Hampstead

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