Pet Sitting Reviews

Baloo simply adores them

Hampstead Hounds have been a great help since we have met them. They are very reliable, efficient and always look to accommodate our bespoke requests. Even when we call them last minute for an extra walk, they do their best to fit us in!

Baloo simply adores them all and we are very happy we have found a service we can finally count on.


Letizia, Hampstead

great with my two dogs

Hampstead Hounds have been nothing but great with my two dogs, Lola & Dolly. It took me a while to find the right sitters for the dogs as one of them can be difficult at times with new people, especially given her age.

Hampstead Hounds have made a huge difference to us as we have finally found the right people for the fusspot and her sidekick. I cannot speak more highly and positively about them!


Kat, Swiss Cottage

Hampstead Hounds is great

Hampstead Hounds is great: Always flexible, reliable, and cheerful.

Our two-year-old Broadway loves his romps on Hampstead Heath with them. He always comes home with a smile on his furry little face.


Candice & Richard, Hampstead

Thank you

It is always so nice to return home after a busy day in the office and see how happy and relaxed our dog is after her time with HH.

Thank you.


Colin, Hampstead – Regular pet sitting and walks

enthusiasm, professionalism, love, and care

Hampstead Hounds are amazing! From the minute we arrived in London from the US, we and our pups had so many requirements and special needs and they didn’t bat an eyelash. They have always accommodated us with enthusiasm, professionalism, love, and care. It is so obvious that they love what they do and adore our pups. We would not be able to continue our busy lives without this team of amazing women; I can’t recommend them highly enough.  


Stacey & Bob, Hampstead

I come home to one exhausted pup!

Henry’s been going on the Fab 4 with Hampstead Hounds for a couple months now.

I know he’s having a great time playing on Hampstead Heath with his dog friends and the team from Hampstead Hounds.

I get photograph updates and I come home to one exhausted pup! I wish I could have 4 hours on the Heath every day!

I feel good knowing he’s enjoying himself when I’m at work and can’t be with him.


Stacy, Highgate

an amazing bespoke service

Hampstead Hounds have been an integral part of Charlie’s first few months with us.

We have really leaned on them to take charge of Charlie’s puppy care, training and development while we are at work, and during Housesitting stays when we travel.   They have tailored her care and provide an amazing bespoke service.

Our little girl loves them so much and we are so thankful!


Merrin & Gabe, Hampstead

happy and relaxed

I have two dogs, one a somewhat anxious and reactive mature dog with a chequered history, and the other a rescue puppy.

Hampstead Hounds not only manages to tire them out, but they also bring them back happy and relaxed.

Deputy is literally a changed animal and for their kindness, attention to detail, and obvious love for both dogs I cannot recommend Hampstead Hounds highly enough. A truly great service.


Susan, Hampstead

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