The many benefits of hiring a professional House Sitting service

Do you live in Hampstead, London or the surrounding areas, and are away from home on holiday or business regularly? Our Founder Christiana Hines shares her insight into the many benefits of hiring a professional House Sitting service.

If you are an animal-lover you’ll know how hard it is to leave your pet whilst you go away on holiday or on a business trip.

I for one know this feeling having had a French Bulldog in the family for over a year now. Cats and dogs especially are very attached to their owners. They have their routine and their comforts so when it comes to leaving them whilst you are on holiday or business, they can easily become stressed and suffer from anxiety. This is especially common when moving them to a cattery or kennels. The unfamiliar smells and sounds are a lot for any animal to deal with.

Now, I’m not saying they won’t be looked after, far from it. Many catteries and kennels are passionate about their work. But can you imagine having to move to an unfamiliar environment every time your owner goes away – sometimes for several weeks at a time.

Since starting this business 5 years ago I have been very lucky to have built up a great close and trustworthy relationship with many clients and regularly get asked to House Sit or Pet Sit. Over any major holiday period we are always hard away at work!

We always tailor our services to match each client and their pet’s needs. In recent months we have been working with a young dog who lacks confidence when out walking. We took this into consideration when we were asked to House Sit, and we made sure we were up at 5am each morning to take the dog out. This is a great time of day when Hampstead Heath and surrounding village is a lot quieter and the dog could run around off lead at ease.

Of course, with someone in the house on a permanent basis your pet won’t be left alone for long periods of time, becoming bored and destroying furniture. And, if your pet has to take regular medication, we are fully qualified to administer and provide post-op care right from the-get-go.

Here are a few more tips worth considering:-

Your House Sitter will move into your home for the agreed period
Your pets will feel comfortable 24:7 with familiar smells, noises and lots of fuss
Leaving your property empty for long periods could affect your insurance cover if you were to be broken into. Having a professional House Sitter overcomes this problem
You have someone permanent keeping your house alive and in touch daily with the postman and other deliveries
Any water leaks or maintenance problems can be sorted out straightaway – can you imagine an overflowing tap left for weeks? It doesn’t bear thinking about
Your garden and indoor plants will be regularly watered especially during those hot summer months
And finally, if you have other pets such as hamsters, rabbits or fish etc., then they will be safely looked after too – we’ve even been known to look after a client’s horse or two!

Of course, if you are considering employing a House/Dog Sitter make sure they come with the right credentials. We’re all fully police checked, insured and trained here. And because I was born in Hampstead, and live and work in this lovely part of the country, I know the community and infrastructure very well. A bonus if you want peace of mind whilst leaving your home.

Lastly, if you and your pets have built up a great relationship with your House Sitter, this is definitely worth holding on to. It means you can rest up knowing your home and pets are being very well looked after, and as a regular client any excellent service provider will try their best to fit you in with little notice where possible.

If you would like our advice about a professional House & Pet Sitting service, please do give us a call and we’ll help as much as we can.

Don’t have pets? We still provide House Sitting, especially during the holiday seasons and we’ll tailor our services to meet your specific lifestyle.

Opening Times:
Monday-Friday 8am-6pm
Saturday 8am – 3pm
Sunday 10am – 2pm

Mob: 07957 191 865

Please be aware! When choosing a House or Pet Sitter ensure they are fully credited, insured, Police checked and come with trusted testimonials.

Featured Image:  Christiana (left) pictured with Charlie.


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