Thank you to the Hampstead Community who raised a whopping £3,000 to help rescue dogs from China!

A big thank you to all who supported our festive charity fundraiser on Saturday (8th Dec). The event, in aid of The Edward Foundation, raised a whopping £3,000 towards medical fees and flights to help bring a group of British Bulldogs and one Bullterrier to the UK for rehoming.

The one-off event took place at the popular Duke of Hamilton and was attended by so many from the local Hampstead community and over 30 dogs!

It costs £1,000 to get the dogs here to the UK so the incredible total raised will go towards making a huge difference, helping with flights, medical fees and finding them new and loving homes.

De Randall, Chairman of The Edward Foundation added: “We are blown away by the generosity of everyone who came on Saturday and want to thank everyone who donated. Five Bulldogs who have been saved from the meat trade in China will be flying out soon. Our first dog Hera, a Bullterrier, arrived last month and is doing amazingly well. We are a non-profit organisation so 100% of the money donated will go towards our Bulldogs needs.”

The dogs, who are currently out of danger and living in China in quarantine, are receiving incredible care. In the next few weeks, and with the help of the donations, they will be flying over to new lives in England. Hera the Bull Terrier, the first dog from the group to be flown out of China was our guest of honour at the event.

The event is the brain-child of Stacey James who moved to Hampstead from the USA last year. Stacey regularly organised high-profile charity events back in her home town of Frenchtown, New Jersey. The event on Saturday marked the first one she has organised in the UK.

Stacey commented: “The day was great fun for everyone, and we collected enough to sponsor and save two British Bullies, giving them new lives here in the UK. I could not have done this without Christiana and the Hampstead Hounds Team. A wonderful start to the Christmas season!”

The Edward Foundation was founded in 2011, to help Bulldogs at risk of abuse and being used as a commodity. The Foundation also help families who have to give up their beloved pets for whatever reason and simply want to know they are being rehomed sensibly and responsibly. For those wishing to make a donation please go to

Featured Image: Christiana Hines, Hampstead Hounds, Stacey James and De Randall from The Edward Foundation pictured with Clementine the Bulldog and Hera the rescue Bullterrier from China.


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