Holiday Hounds – tips for a safe holiday with your dog

With the main holiday period upon us most of our time will be taken up with house sitting and dog sitting for our clients.  Of course, there are many of you out there, especially if you are having a staycation in the UK, who will prefer to take your dog on holiday. After all they are a valued member of the family.

So, if you are taking your dog on holiday in the UK our Founder Christiana provides some helpful tips on how best to help them feel as relaxed as you.

Plan ahead

  • A holiday is a chance to unwind, relax and reset the compass. For most dogs they will enjoy it too but for some it can be stressful.  Whatever you decide it will have to be the right choice for your dog.
  • Make sure your accommodation is dog friendly. There are lots of dedicated websites that will make it easy for you to find the right place to stay.  Canine Cottages and Dog Friendly Britain are just a couple
  • You can also find out where your nearest dog friendly beach is ahead of booking your holiday
  • If your dog is on medication don’t forget to visit your vet to get enough supplies for the duration of your holiday
  • Ensure you provide the right environment for your breed of dog
  • Make sure your dog is microchipped and vaccinated
  • Wherever you are staying ensure you have the details of the local vet and find out the nearest dog friendly eateries and places to visit
  • During your journey ensure there are places to stop to give your dog a run and toilet time!

When you get there

  • Try and keep to their daily routine this will make them settle into their holiday a lot better
  • Ensure you have their favourite toys and dog blankets and let them sniff and walk around their new environment
  • Make sure their feeding station is in a quiet place so they can eat in peace away from any noise – the same goes for their sleeping arrangements
  • Keep your dog on a lead as much as possible especially when out in the countryside
  • Don’t leave your dog alone for long periods of time they will become stressed in an unfamiliar place
  • And NEVER leave your dog in the car – they can overheat and die!
  • Ensure you clear up after your dog and keep the environment clean
  • Take plenty of water with you for the dog and if it’s hot (yes it does get hot in the UK!) then keep to early morning and late evening walks when it is much cooler
  • And do let your dog have plenty of rest – it’s their holiday too!

Finally, we would love to see your dogs on holiday. Please share your holiday photographs with us on Twitter @HHinLDN or Instagram @HampsteadHounds and use the hashtag    #HolidayHounds

Happy Holidays!

Featured image:  Christiana (Founder) and Winnie her French Bulldog

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