Dog and cat owners in London – Cattery, Kennels or Pet Sitter?

As a well-established award-winning pet sitting business based in North West London, we provide tailored and bespoke services for clients, many of whom have relocated from overseas to work here in the UK’s busy capital.

We get very excited when we are approached directly by overseas clients as it can often be more common for pet owners to place their pets in catteries and kennels. To be able to show them a different approach to pet care is something that we really enjoy as part of our day to day work.

Over here in London there are more people adopting dogs and cats – combine all of this with the holiday season and, as you can imagine, there’s a huge demand for pets to be looked after whilst owners are away.

If you haven’t got a family member or friend to help what do you choose? Catteries, kennels or a dedicated pet sitter?  It really is a personal choice but here are a few thoughts to help with your decision.


  • Make sure you understand your pet’s personal needs
  • Ensure the kennel or cattery is fully licensed and insured
  • Ensure staff are fully qualified and first aid trained
  • Read latest testimonials
  • Visit the kennel or cattery before you make your decision
  • Talk with the staff and ensure they fully understand your pet’s feeding times, personality, exercise routine and any medications they may need
  • Make sure your pet has all of their home comforts – blankets/bowls toys etc
  • Ensure your pet is sociable as they will be with other cats or dogs – if they are nervous or noise sensitive then a cattery or kennels will not be for them

Pet Sitter

  • Ask your local community for recommendations and read testimonials
  • Ensure they have a reputable website and look at their social media accounts
  • Talk to their existing clients
  • Ensure that they are carbon friendly
  • Meet pet sitters personally and check to see if they get along with your pet
  • Ensure they show you their training certificates, first aid training, insurance documents, DBS check
  • Ensure they have a working relationship with an established vet
  • Ask for at least 2 references from current satisfied clients

Of course, as pet sitters here in London our busiest time is the holiday season. We are regularly called for long pet sits which means we move into their house – for all clients we are there on Christmas Day too.

We find house sits or daily visits are beneficial for any pet as their routine is not disturbed, they get all the fuss they are used to, and they have every home comfort that they need.  And if our client has a multi pet household we are there for all of them.

We are ever so proud to have built up and maintained a regular and loyal client base over the past 5 years (including some well-known London celebrities!) – which means we know their pets extremely well. They are members of an extended family to us.

We do hope this has helped you in some way to make your decision and don’t forget, most pet sitters and cattery and kennel staff are very passionate about the work they do but please do your research to make sure that your choice is the right one for your pets and your home.

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