Corona Virus Update – Business as Usual at Hampstead Housesitters and Hampstead Hounds

We do all hope that you are keeping healthy and well during this somewhat uncertain time across the world.

Here at Hampstead Housesitters and Hampstead Hounds we wanted to let you know that we are carrying on as normal with how we operate as a business and service provider. Working with animals we already carry out high standards of hygiene. Washing our hands regularly is an absolute must as standard, and across the team we will continue to do so.

We are normally all in the fresh air day to day, in the few instances that we do use public transport to get around we will be even more mindful to wash our hands before and after any journeys.

Dog Walks – Working from Home?
Many of our clients have a regular slot booked in with us, and we hope that you continue on with the routine that your dog is used to. Whether you are working from home or not.
Dogs have no idea what is going on, and they can also sense the stress that their owners may be going through. This is probably one of the best times to keep on with their normal routine.
Working from home successfully requires few distractions and for us to return your dog calm, relaxed and happy will be of benefit to you all at home.

If you do prefer to stop your regular walking service, we ask for a minimum of 2 weeks’ notice. And an understanding that we will not be able to hold your place until you decide to return.
We are a small business, and a team of 3 full time people and 3-part timers. Each of us 6 team members relies on this regular pay to cover our regular bills and expenses.

Housesitting – Time to plan a Staycation?
We understand that travel plans may be impacted, especially depending on where you have booked to travel in the world.
Each Housesit booking, from enquiry to planning takes time to execute. And once we hold those dates, we do not commit to other requests.
Whilst we would prefer to continue to be flexible, we must put something in place to protect ourselves in the event of cancellations.

For the next few weeks a Holding Deposit will be applicable for any Housesitting dates that you would like to secure
This will be credited to your account if the booking goes ahead, and is non-refundable if you change your mind.

As an independent business owner this type of large-scale event is completely out of our control, yet it can present a huge impact to all of us on the team. We strive to provide consistency, loyalty and reliability for all of our long-term clients, and will continue to do so.

We hope that you are able to continue supporting us as a small business. Each one of our clients is important to us.

Best Wishes

Christiana, Fleur, Carmen, Garance, Daniel and Nikita




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