Caring for your dog whilst working long hours! We chat to one of our clients.

Our sister company Hampstead Hounds has been very lucky to be working with Melissa Callison and her French Bulldog Jedi since their move from the USA.  We caught up with her and Jedi before they headed back home across the pond.

You were previously in Boston, Massachusetts what made you move to Hampstead?

I am originally from San Francisco, California but have been on work assignments for the preceding 5 years and moved to London for my current two-year assignment.

What do you think of Hampstead?

I chose Hampstead because I wanted to be close to the Heath, as it really reminds me of Northern California. I love being close to nature.   I’m also a runner, so it was a no-brainer.

You brought Jedi your gorgeous Bulldog with you, did he adapt well to the move?

Jedi adapted well to London, the weather is very similar to the weather in San Francisco, so he has thrived here. He also loves living so close to the Heath.

What made you decide to get a house sitter/dogwalker?

I work very long hours and needed dependable, flexible care for Jedi. He also has the typical French bulldog challenges such as quickly overheating.  He’s a senior and experiences frequent separation anxiety, so it was important for me to find a service that would meet our needs.

What have been the benefits of using the services of Hampstead Hounds?

Hampstead Hounds was a godsend to us. From the moment I made my initial inquiry they have always done what they can to accommodate us. The benefits of having the peace of mind that Jedi is okay and cared for is immeasurable. Extremely reliable, friendly, good communicators, always available night or day. I could go on!

What would you say to anyone who is looking for a reliable house sitter/dogwalker?

When looking for dog care, I would suggest you narrow down what you are looking for by really defining what your pet’s needs are. I didn’t want Jedi going in a car across London, I needed someone local. I preferred smaller dogs, and smaller walk groups because Jedi is slow, and gets overheated. My long hours can be unpredictable so I needed flexibility beyond the set-time walk time every day.    Hampstead Hounds fits all of my criteria!

You’ll be moving back to the USA very soon what have been the highlights of your stay in Hampstead?

Living in the Vale of Health was a privilege and an experience I will keep with me for a long time. I have met many new friends in London and hope to return for years to come. Hopefully my terrific neighbours will welcome me back!

What have been your favourite places to visit in Hampstead?

The pubs! The Spaniard Inn in summer, The Holly Bush and Horseshoe, on weeknights. Dogs are allowed almost everywhere, except The Flask, only in the front of the pub, but they have the best cask ales.

What advice would you give to anyone reading this who is moving to Hampstead?

My advice is twofold, if you have pets or plan on travelling, save yourself the time and contact the team at HH. At a minimum they will provide lots of helpful information, as they are local. Secondly, go walk the Heath then get that pint, pronto!

Lastly, all of us at Hampstead Hounds will miss you and Jedi very much, will you come back to visit us?

We will miss you all very much too, and I can’t thank you all enough!   But obviously, the Force is with Jedi, so indeed, he and his lightsaber will be back soon!!!

Featured image:  Jedi



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