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A Royal Princess is born

*Formidable women who also called Kensington Palace their home*

Incase you missed the news this May Bank Holiday weekend due to hiding under your duvet a little Princess entered the world. The as yet unnamed Royal Baby will be sister to the rather squidgy faced and therefore exceptionally cute Prince George.

Prince George

This news got me thinking about where the little lady will be lucky enough to call home during her lifetime, having a business that looks after people’s homes tends to do that to you.

There is the 10 bedroom unofficial residence in Norfolk, Anmer Hall, which looks rather delightful.

Anmer Hall

When the Royal Baby has had enough of soaking up the fresh country air her official London residence will be Kensington Palace.

I visited Kensington Palace a couple of years back and it was a really fascinating day out, learning a lot about all the formidable women that have lived there during it’s 320 year history.

I did a little research on some of my favourite women who called Kensington Palace home and wanted to share a few facts that I learnt…

1) Queen Victoria

Born in 1812 Queen Victoria spent a “rather melancholy” childhood in Kensington Palace, under the Kensington System.

She was clever enough to realise what wonderful companions dogs make, so her King Charles Spaniel Dash was “first in the long line of beloved dogs”.


Her first name was Alexandrina and once she succeeded the throne at the young age of 18 this was dropped from all official records. She also quickly left Kensington Palace never to return and created a life with her beloved Prince Albert……and 9 children!

The period of her reign is known throughout the world as the Victorian era; a time when the United Kingdom benefited from large imperial expansion. This time is also known for its increase in industrial output, scientific advancements and cultural progress within the United Kingdom.

This exemplary British monarch served for about 63 years, which is to date the longest time the longest reign by a British monarch, and a female monarch.

2) Queen Caroline

This lady was bold enough to reject a number of grander suitors before her marriage to George Augustus of Hanover, the future George II.

Kensington Palace was used as their main residence and it became the focus of court life, with Queen Caroline hosting lavish receptions, adding plenty of sparkle and life to the home.

Queen Caroline

What I loved reading about was that Queen Caroline kept tigers in the gardens of Kensington Palace! She was said to have a sharp and enquiring mind, applying considerable imagination in redesigning the wider park on a grand scale.

The gardens of Kensington Palace became open to the public on Saturdays and it was the place to be seen in society, and to show off the latest fashions.

3)   Diana, Princess of Wales

      Diana lived at Kensginton Palace from the day of her marriage till the time of her death in 1997. Following her tragic death in 1997 over 1 million bouquets of flowers were left outside the gold gates of Kensington Palace.

     Princess Diana was said to have always longed to give birth to a baby girl. It was almost bitter sweet for many to read about the birth of a Royal Princess, as the Duchess of Cambridge stood on the steps of the Lindo Wing wearing Diana’s engagement ring.

Royal Baby makes her first appearance

Diana, one of the most photographed women in the world was known as the ‘People’s Princess’. Diana was well known for her charitable work across the globe and true a fashion icon.

Princess Diana often chose to empower herself through fashion, and what she wore was her way of communicating with the public.

It was Diana’s separation from Prince Charles, arguably one of the most distressing times of her life, that inspired one of her most iconic fashion moments, the so called ‘revenge dress’.

Princess Diana

Diana let it be known that she was not a woman to be pitied.

The Royal Baby, a woman 4th in line to throne, has a lot to live up to in terms of those that have come before her.


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