What to give your proud pooch this Christmas!

There always seems a debate every year as to whether to give your dog a present at Christmas or not.

For me, Winnie my French Bulldog, who we welcomed into our home earlier this year as a pup, is part of my everyday life and very much a family member. So, I say a big YES to treating her to something festive this Christmas.

So, what is out there that is eco-friendly, healthy and will be beneficial to her? I’ve been exploring the internet and here are some of the goodies I’ve been looking at which may just help you when deciding on a present for your pooch.

If you are looking at pure meat treats then ByBenji are the very first, DEFRA registered manufacturer of biltong for pets in the UK. They’re high in protein, zero carbohydrates, no artificial preservatives, flavourings, colourings or additives, and they’re free from gluten, soya, wheat, and corn. A great little stocking filler and one I keep in my pocket at all times!

Dogs love to play and it’s important to provide regular exercise. I’ve been reading about BecoHoop ‘s 100% natural rubber dog hoop which you can take out on walks. It’s made from a revolutionary new sustainable rice husk rubber, non-toxic and eco-friendly – apparently it’s extra strong and the shape makes it really bouncy.

If you want to keep your dog warm we just loved the stylish dog coat from Mutts & Hounds made from high quality Tweed and crafted in Yorkshire woollen mills since 1837. The coat is fully lined and has a wrap-around strap making it easy to put on and take off. I think Winnie would look gorgeous in this for the festive season.

There’s a great site called Growlees who produce fun dog tags with alternative messages you can match to your dog’s personality. You can design your own too! The site offers quite a few suggestions to help you including ‘Fetch It Yourself’, ‘Less Talking More Walking’ and ‘Rub My Belly For Good Luck’. I quite like to think Winnie would be happy with ‘Feminist’!

I discovered beautiful handcrafted woollen blankets from Wool and Dogs which look great to snuggle up on the sofa with. They look so comfy and warm and just made for sharing with Winnie. Perfect for those winter nights in! And they do handmade woollen dog chews too!

Finally, we really love the look of Red Nelly dog shampoo.   It has oatmeal and Aloe Vera to moisturise and condition the coat. Made from natural ingredients, they say it helps soothe itchy skin and repels fleas. A nice little treat after a muddy walk! However as every dog is different I would recommend you test your dog’s skin before using.

Christmas can be an expensive time I know but Winnie, and the many other dogs I look after for my clients, bring so much joy to me everyday I think it’s worth it.

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