You can work, rest and holiday... confident they’re happy, healthy and well-behaved

We’re here for your best friend whenever you can’t be

How can you live life to the full without fretting that your four-legged friend isn’t getting the care and attention they deserve? Hampstead Hounds to the rescue.

  • We provide a premium service, tailored to the unique needs of you and your dog or dogs. All the members of our experienced team are genuinely passionate about what we do – you’ll return to a happy, healthy and well exercised dog
  • Our policy is one carer per household – that enables us to give our undivided attention to your hound/s. It’s a truly bespoke service – we build up a great relationship and rapport with your dog, paying close attention to their specific needs, age and preferences
  • Our care can start from the moment your dog first arrives as a puppy, right through to the later years of their life
  • We are here to support each aspect of your dog’s well-being and development, from training and socialising to wellbeing and fitness
  • Although we offer exclusive care to your dog or dogs we may match them up for small group walks when we know they will get on and have a good time in company
  • We have experience in dealing with dogs with difficult behaviour and can provide many success stories
  • You can have the utmost confidence in us and our love of dogs – we do a lot of canine-focused community work, participating in fundraising events and judging at dog shows
  • During 2018 our owner, Christiana Hines, will be studying for certification in Canine Behaviour – you can follow her progress on the blog.

We recommend Christiana’s team to any dog owner who wants the best for their doggie while they’re away.

Yuka & Tetsu, Hampstead

Raising the perfect puppy

Hampstead Hounds are amazing! From the minute we arrived in London from the US, we and our pups had so many requirements and special needs and the team didn’t bat an eyelash.

Stacey & Bob, Hampstead

Having a puppy around is great fun – but they need a lot of attention and a certain amount of regular training if you want a dog that’s a pleasure to live with. If your lifestyle and schedule makes it hard to do what’s required then we’re here to help. Our experts have the time and experience to provide all the support your puppy needs to make the very best start in life.

  • Our team has a wealth of collective experience and can provide tailored puppy care, advice, information and guidance
  • We have the time and patience to provide strong foundations so that your puppy grows into a well-disciplined, confident and happy dog – one with the calm temperament and good manners to cope with city living!
  • Puppies can get lonely and that’s hard on both of you if a busy schedule gets in the way.  We can provide tailored puppy sitting structured around your commitments.  This ensures you can focus on other priorities yet enjoy peace of mind knowing that your puppy is getting plenty of attention and loving care
  • When the time is right we can introduce your puppy to other dogs cared for by Hampstead Hounds so that they can learn to socialise and play
  • We’ll work on key stages of training and development with your puppy so that they progress without problems:
    • House & Toilet training – including guidance on setting a schedule for your puppy to get them settled as smoothly as possible
    • Socialising your puppy with the outside world, people and other dogs. Noises, street traffic, dealing with transport, being comfortable and quiet during a trip to a coffee shop/restaurant/pub
    • Help them through the teething phase
    • Get puppies comfortable with their lead/harness/collar

The Fab Four

Hampstead Hounds answer to day care

Henry’s been going on the Fab 4 with Hampstead Hounds for a couple months now. I know he’s having a great time playing on Hampstead Heath with his dog friends and the team from HH.

Stacy, Highgate

We pride ourselves on providing a positive and unique alternative to the traditional and commonly available day care service. It mixes the best of all worlds. So why the Fab Four?

We believe that 4 fabulous hours with us will produce better results for certain dogs than in an average busy doggie day care centre

  • We want to provide a great option to a commonly asked question “Are you able to take my dog for most of the day while I am out?”
  • Choose from an am or early afternoon pick up
  • We provide four fabulous hours with one of the Hampstead Hounds team for your dog on days that you need
  • Time for a one on one with us to enjoy a solo walk together
  • Time to focus on training, development and any areas of concern that you may have
  • Play dates with suitable Hampstead Hounds dogs
  • With pre-planning we can also fit in time to take them to the vet or groomers

Party animals – providing a social life

Dogs are social creatures – they love to be around human beings and out and about with other dogs. But what if the demands of your work, family and commitments keep getting in the way? Easy – we can be there when you can’t and introduce them to suitable playmates.

  • If they’re a puppy we can socialise them gradually and if they’re grown up we can make sure they get all the interaction that’s necessary to keep them happy and active
  • They get the best of both worlds with Hampstead Hounds – personalised care from someone who has built up a good personal relationship with them, as well as small group walks and play dates with suitable companions.  This is dependent on matching schedules, temperaments and characters but we find lots of opportunities to proactively match up dogs and make arrangements to have them out and about together

Personalised walkies – not running with the pack

  • Our one carer per household approach ensures your dog or dogs get truly individual attention, rather than being treated as one of a crowd.  This enables us to gain a good understanding of your dog’s specific requirements, likes and dislikes, then tailor their walks accordingly
  • We’re unique in that we do all do all pick-ups and drop-offs on foot
  • We take varied and fun-filled walks in Hampstead Heath, Golders Hill Park, Regents Park and Primrose Hill, ensuring that your dog or dogs are thoroughly stimulated, properly exercised and well socialised
  • We like to focus on private walks, exclusively in the company of your dog or dogs.  However, if appropriate and your dog enjoys it, we may take them on walks as part of a small group

“My dog is always tired and content after being with Hampstead Hounds”

Alicia, Hampstead

Dog Walking Map

















Helping your dog get well soon

Dogs are extra demanding when they get sick or injure themselves, but you may struggle to find the time to be there for them. No problem – at Hampstead Hounds we have lots of experience in this department.

  • We can take your dog to the vet if it’s not convenient for you to do it yourself
  • We have spent a lot of time caring for dogs that are recovering from an operation or a major illness
  • Giving your dog post-operative or regular medication is all part of our service
  • Every member of our team are first aid trained
  • We have close connections with an animal physiotherapist
  • We can provide tailored walks to help get your dog safely back into an exercise schedule

Paw Print iconServices available 365 days a year. 

Paw Print iconFully insured and CRB/DBS checked.

Paw Print iconDog walking available from early morning until early evening.

Pooches with problems – we’re here to help

We recognise that every dog is different, with its own unique physical characteristics, personality traits and behavioural oddities. Our one carer per household way of working means we have the time to really understand your dog, build a great rapport with them and tailor our approach to their particular needs. This is especially important if your dog has issues that may be challenging or need addressing. It allows us to closely observe them over time, then take a well informed and considered approach to finding and implementing solutions. Our team are patient, experienced, caring and focused, providing regular feedback on progress and discussing next steps. We have experience in dealing with:

  • Reactive dogs
  • Fearful or Nervous Dogs
  • Shy dogs who need to work on their confidence
  • Dogs who need their recall improving
  • Dogs who are overweight and need to get back in shape and healthier
  • Dogs that are recovering from surgery and need to stagger back to walking
  • Working alongside physiotherapists to ensure their needs during walks as part of a recovery are met
  • Older dogs who need more consideration and patience
  • Very energetic dogs who need a lot of exercise, focus and discipline
  • Dogs that need to specifically be on lead or work towards being off lead

Doing good for abandoned dogs

When we’re not looking after your dog or dogs we’re doing our bit to help the All Dogs Matter team rescue, rehabilitate and rehome abandoned dogs from the neighbourhood.

  • We attend All Dogs Matter events throughout the year and sit on judging panels alongside other supporters such as Ricky Gervais, Michelle Collins and Peter Egan
  • We participate in various All Dogs Matter fundraising events throughout the year, partnering up with other local businesses and venues

Spreading the love and the nutrition

We purchase Beautiful Joe’s ethical dog treats for four legged friends to enjoy on their walks. For every pack we buy an additional one is donated to a local rescue centre for the abandoned pooches to enjoy.

If you’d like to know more about these nutritious treats and the great work the charity does then go to

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Opening Times:
Monday-Friday 10am-4pm
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Contact us

Opening Times:
Monday-Friday 10am-4pm
Mob: 07957 191 865