I’m Christiana, Founder of Hampstead Hounds and I’d like to introduce you to my gorgeous French Bulldog puppy ‘Winnie’ who we have recently welcomed into our house here in Hampstead.

She’s absolutely adorable. As soon as she has had all her injections I’ll be getting her used to her surroundings including walks on the beautiful Hampstead Heath, meeting my client’s dogs and travelling on public transport.  I really want her to get used to lots of situations so that she feels comfortable and happy as part of our family.

She’s got so much energy and loves playing with her puppy toys and sleeping!!  Her favourite pastime at the moment is chewing slippers but I’m sure (hopefully) she’ll grow out of that!

I’m going to be posting lots of news about her puppy journey and providing tips on how to look after a new puppy so please do follow her progress on Instagram ‘ourwonderwinnie’,