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What are the advantages of having a professional Housesitter?
When going away it is more prudent to leave your home occupied, or with a scheduled visitor to give your home a lived in feel.

Being away from your home regularly can mean an increase in your insurance premiums, and most companies do not provide insurance if your home is left empty for more than 30 days.

If you have pets Hampstead Housesitters provide you with a positive alternative to kennels, catteries or relying on the goodwill of neighbours and friends. You may well feel more comfortable to arrange trips away, knowing that your home and pets are being well cared for by Hampstead Housesitters.

Why not just ask my friend or neighbour to keep an eye on things?
Friends or neighbours may not have the time to properly look after your home as you need it to looked after be whilst you are away. They also may not have the experience or confidence to look after your animals to a high standard.
What is the protocol? Do we have a meeting to discuss things first?
The process is that we arrange an initial phone call to talk through your specific your dates, your home and any pet care requirements. From there we will arrange a meet up in person for an intro to the home/pets, to finalise details, costs and terms and conditions.
How far in advance do I have to book your services?
As soon as you make a booking to go away please do get in touch to ensure that we can get your dates and requirements and booked in. If there is a last minute situation please do feel comfortable to contact us and we will see what we can do to accommodate you.
Is there a minimum booking period?
If you have pets that need looking after the first booking is a 3-night minimum, to give us time to properly get to know your pet. From then on we can also accommodate more ad hoc requests.
If required could you provide a cleaning service when you are housesitting?
We can source a good cleaner and supervise the clean so it is ready for your return.
Do Hampstead Housesitters only cover the Hampstead area?
No. Although we are based in Hampstead, London we are able to provide our services London wide, nationwide and abroad.
Is there a facility where you actually stay overnight?
Yes, and we would recommend an overnight stay particularly for the care of dogs and younger animals.
What are the benefits of keeping my pets are home rather than using a kennels or cattery service?
Animals thrive on routine and in being in an environment familiar to them. They will be familiar with the house sitter from the first meeting, which will lessen their separation anxiety and allow them to also have a great time. We will work around your pets schedule as we look after them so that there is minimum disruption to their routine.
Why not just use a kennel or cattery?
Time spent in kennels/catteries presents several potential drawbacks

  • Pets are housed with limited space to move around freely.
  • The stress related to staying in an unfamiliar environment;
    with unfamiliar smells, sounds, people and other animals.
  • The close proximity to other animals, who may expose your pet to a variety of health problems such as kennel cough or intestinal parasites.
  • The feeding, attention and exercise for your pets is based on the schedule of the facility, not on your pets usual routine.
  • Catteries and kennels can become expensive for owners of multiple pets.
  • Exercise and one on one time are usually only provided at an extra cost.
  • Boarding is unsuitable for puppies and kittens as they have a weaker immune system.
What kind of pets are you able to look after?
We are comfortable with all sorts of pets; be it rabbits, snakes, rats or iguanas. Please just let us know, as with all bookings, what your animal needs.
What types of dogs have you handled? Are you able to manage more difficult characters?
Being a professional dog walker I have handled a wide variety of characters, personalities and breeds. At Hampstead Housesitters we believe that it is best to understand the character and know the breed as much as possible to ensure a positive interaction for both the handler and the dog.
If my pets were unwell; would you take them to the vets?
Absolutely. They are under our care during the time that you are away and if that includes a necessary trip to the vets then this will be done. All prior vet appointments would be costed in to your package and anything that came up as an emergency would be dealt with on your return.
“Christiana and Fleur have been a great help since we have met them. They are very reliable, efficient and always look to accommodate our requests. Even if we call them last minute for an extra walk. Baloo simply adores them and we are very happy we have found someone we can finally count on.”


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House Sitting
We can collect the post, water the plants, and turn the heating on, if required. In the unlikely event that there’s an issue with something we’re there to take care of it.
House Sitting with pets
The same as house sitting, but taking care of your pets as well. We can stay for as many hours each day as you would like – you decide. The service covers both cats and dogs.
Pet Care
Caring for cats and dogs, including Post Operative Pet Care or Emergency Vet Visits, or you might have a new kitten that you want us to keep occupied and amused.
Dog Walking
Have a busy schedule that makes it hard to give your four legged friend the love and attention they deserve? Our regular dog walking service is the perfect answer.

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